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An X-ray is a type of medical imaging that can find out what is happening inside the body by using a form of radiation. It can show things like bone, diseases in the body, and the position of organs. Each type of X-ray will show different information about the person’s health.

Many dentists are now using dental X-rays to diagnose dental diseases and identify potential risks. Experts say that it is best to get a dental X-ray every one or two years to monitor the health of your mouth.

Some common symptoms of dental diseases include:

  • Loose teeth or tooth pain
  • Swollen gums and/or redness
  • Spots on teeth

The three types of dental X-rays are:

1) Bitewing - this view shows your teeth from side to side and helps to detect tooth decay and bone loss.

2) Periapical - this view shows your teeth from top to bottom and can detect cracks in your jawbone or ruptured roots beneath tooth pulp.

3) Panoramic - this view gives your dentist a larger picture of what is going on in your mouth.

Are dental X-rays really necessary?

Dental x-rays are not just a common procedure in dentistry, they are also an important part of maintaining your oral health. X-rays can help detect periodontal disease, infections, and tooth decay. They can also be used to check for bone diseases such as arthritis.

This is one way that dental x-rays can be beneficial - by catching problems with your teeth before there is any pain or other noticeable symptoms.

Another way that dental x-rays are helpful is by checking the position of your teeth and making sure that there are no gaps between them. The position of the teeth impacts their health and also affects how you chew food - which in turn has an impact on digestive health and weight gain or loss.

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